What’s new for Tar Barrels 2018?

Blazing a trail this year at the Tar barrels! This year we are starting on a new initiative for the tar barrel event. As we all know every year the event brings thousands of people to our streets, this inevitably creates a lot of waste all over the town. With that in...

Carnival Disco- Jabbrock- October 20th

On Saturday 20th October we welcome Jabbrock to the Carnival disco at the Institute in Ottery St Mary. Donations on the door and bar available. We look forward to seeing you!!...

The build up starts again…..

A lot of hard work goes in to keeping Tar Barrles going, but what can you do to help??   Please take a look at our Events page and support our fundraising in anyway you can!   Coming up we have the Family Fun Day and Chanters Carnival Classics, is there any other way...

the Run-Up

It’s the final few weeks before the big day – we’ve updated the events page with some information about the carnival and other events that contribute to Ottery Carnival week.

Website almost ready

The plans for the next Tar Barrels are well underway and as the team work hard on those plans, we’re also working hard on the new website. We hope you like it.